First Fall Meeting: Wednesday, September 12th

“The Gathering” at FPC will kick off tomorrow on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, and Eunice and I will again co-lead our Spiritual Parenting class. We will start at 6:30 pm following dinner. If you are interested in a fellowship and study group of parents of all ages (we have young parents and grandparents too!) we invite you to join us!

We’ve created this website this year to share news, links, our schedule, and reflections about the book we’re studying and other topics. Check back here regularly for updates. If you are on Facebook, please “like” our Facebook community page. We are setting up our site so as new information is added here, it will automatically post to our Facebook page. We want to keep you informed and continue to build a supportive community that prays for each other throughout the week.

Please use the links at the TOP of this page to check out our schedule and curriculum for this year. You’ll want to purchase a copy of “Opening Your Child’s Spiritual Windows: Ideas to Nuture Your Child’s Relationship with God” by FPC Edmond member Cheri Fuller.  Note this book is also available in eBook (ePUB) format, which will work on an iPad or Nook. (We don’t think it’s available for Kindle yet.)

We hope to see you Wednesday nights this year for Spiritual Parenting! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if and when you have questions!

Eunice Menja and Wesley Fryer

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